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Dall'uva al vino


They are located in Campi Grandi di Stercolati, Municipality of  Cinigiano at 300 m elevation and spread southwest over about 7 hectares. They lie on a hillside, straddling the slopes thus are called “cavalcapoggio” type.
The load- bearing structure is made of chestnut poles.In the immediate vicinity of the estate are also located pure spring water fountainheads that contribute to the natural nourishment of the soil.

The spiecies of vines in our land are:
Sangiovese Grosso F9
Cabernet Sauvignon

Vineyard plant
The rows distance is 280 cm and there are 90 cm from one vine to another.

Cultivation system
Spurred cordon, the harvest is 6 clusters of grape for each plant (about 1, 5 kg).

Work in the vineyard
all works in the vineyard are manually executed by expert local staff that boasts historical tradition in vine cultivation.
The soil cultivation is traditionally done during winter and afterwards is subjected to a light weeding in summer and spring to prevent weeds and grass from growing.

Grape harvest
Grape harvest is especially carried out following the traditional boxes system. Fruits are manually picked up taken a great care to quality and put in small boxes of 15-20 Kg in a way that the grape clusters at the bottom don’t get damaged.
Then the boxes are taken to the wine cellar at the estate where the grapes are processed to make the must that will become our wine.

Our wine cellar is equipped with all the traditional irreplaceable tools needed for a manual vinification and the bottling in stainless steel containers and fine oak wood of Slavonia barrels among other bottling systems.

Maremma, Toscana, Italy.